Software to check single or multiple thread hobs with straight or left- resp. right-handed direction and different profile forms.

The measurement tasks can be evaluated according to DIN 3968, AGMA 1102-A03 or free tolerances incl. protuberance.

Measurement and evaluation of

  • Face and runout fps, frp on both hubs
  • Radial runout on tooth tips frk
  • Form and positioning variation of the cutting surface FfN
  • Flute index variations ftN, fuN, FtN
  • Flute lead fHN on one flute
  • Tooth profile error FfS with or without protuberance resp. tip relief
  • Tooth thickness deviation fs on one tooth
  • Tooth to tooth pitch error fHF, FHF,multiple starts as well
  • Pitch error on contact path fe, Fe

Additional measurements:

  • Inspection of ZI-, ZA, ZC, ZN- and ZK profiles
  • Inspection of freely selectable teeth and starts
  • Separate measurement of left and right flank
  • Measurement behind the cutting edge (profile)
  • Inspection of duplex hobs
  • Inspection of starts
  • Evaluation of protuberance
  • Selective measurement of individual deviations, e.g. after regrinding of the hob (flute pitch,flute direction and cutting surfaces)