Hard- and Software modernisation

We modernise your Höfler or Klingelnberg gear checker. We replace obsolete HP-computers with Windows PC System (WINDOWS 7 Pro). HP 7550 Plotter or others will be replaced by Laser printers. Your gear data and programs will be transfered to the new PC System!

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Your advantages

  1. Fair priced and reliable modernisation of your Hard- und Software of your gear checker. Obsolete Hardware will be replaced by marked common Windows-PCs.
  2. The cycle time of the measurement will be shortened by using a PC with Windows 7. Especially the time consuming plot of the measurement result will be shortened.
  3. The measurement result will be plotted on blank paper. Programs and data can be saved with a CD burner. Service and updates can be made via modem and phone line (PC-Anywhere).
  4. Output of your gear protocol as PDF

Example (Höfler EMZ)

Example for Hard- and Software modernisation
Old equipment (e.g. DOS PC or HP computer) will be replaced by a PC with Windows system.
Of course your gear data will be converted to the new PC.

Training and Consulting

Training and Consulting for gear checkers. We train and consult in Operating of measurement equipment. Competent training directly from the software developer.