The measurement program TGear is used for the measurement and evaluation of spur and helical gears as well as internal and external gearing.

Measurement and evaluation of

  1. Profile, lead, pitch and runout, as well as tooth thickness. Evaluation according to DIN, AGMA and ISO or free tolerances.
  2. Evaluation of crown (lead and profile, end relief (lead), tip and root relief (profile) as well as K-charts for profile and lead. Measurement of tip- and root diameter, interrupted cut, missing gaps and teeth, timing relation between gears and others.


More Options

  1. Program for curve analysis (TAnalyse). This program helps you to correct your grinding wheel properly.
  2. Tip and root circle diameter.
  3. Interrupted cut (lead).
  4. Profile and pitch test of cutted gears.
  5. Interrupted pitch (missing teeth, missing gaps).
  6. Measurement of cone and beveloid gears.
  7. Direct determination of dimension over balls
  8. Twist measurement.
  9. Surface measurement.
  10. Timing relation between gears.
  11. Determination of apexpoint.
  12. Measurement of straight sided splines.
  13. Timing relation between gears.
  14. Grinding burn detection
  15. Statistic interface (e.g. for qs-Stat from Q-DAS GmbH).