TCam is an option to extend TShaft for measurements of camshafts, radial cams and stroke.

Measurement and evaluation

Based upon the imported nominal data and the actual measurement values an actual-nominalcomparison is carried out.

The following construction characteristics can be calculated from these results:

  1. Calculation of the displacement speed progression and the acceleration
  2. Calculation of the highest point of the curve
  3. Calculation of the rotation error (angle) of the actual curve to the nominal curve
  4. Angle reference to the work piece reference
  5. Diameter and run-out at basic circle of the cam
  6. Workpiece reference axis

The output of the results can be numerical or graphical. Furthermore the measured curves can be
displayed as linear plot including the following information:

  1. Angle reference to individual cams
  2. Reference axis of cams to individual bearings
  3. Diameter and run-out at bearings
  4. Lead crown at cams and bearings
  5. Parallelism at cams and bearings